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FUR Crypto token ecosystem


The Feline Tribe Ltd 2023©

Having been brought up on traditional art and then later transitioning into the world of Web3 & NFTs, we saw the huge opportunity for traditional artists to bridge into this new world. Imagine being able to own an official Banksy art piece in Web3, this would be brilliant. So with this thought in mind, we set out to make it easier for this to happen.

We knew that we could reach new ears by helping the art blaze grow bigger throughout the digital sphere. Keeping this in focus, we started thinking, leading us to our revolutionary 'Wear to Earn' utility. This utility promotes the displaying of art work through X/Twitter (with later expansion to other platforms planned), rewarding users with our native token, $FUR.

By having your TFT displayed as your verified twitter PFP, you will receive periodic airdrops of $FUR in compensation. This helps perpetuate the display of artwork in the digital world, allowing it to reach a greater audience and ultimately aid in onboarding new people to our world.

brush stroke
Snow Leopard smoking pip NFT

EST. 2021

$FUR token will be used within our ecosystem for features such as:





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