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The primary challenge within the realm of Web3 is the effective integration of newcomers into the ecosystem. Without addressing this challenge, the expansion of the space will face limitations, and its markets will inevitably suffer. Recognizing this, Wear to Earn aspires to simplify the onboarding process for individuals new to Web3. Our initiative involves exploring diverse strategies to broaden Web3's outreach, culminating in the conception of Wear to Earn.


Wear to Earn introduces a novel approach by offering periodic airdrops of our native $FUR token to holders who display their Feline Tribe NFT as their profile picture on various platforms, initially focusing on X and expanding to additional platforms in the future. By incentivizing the showcasing of NFTs, we aim to encourage more individuals to adopt this practice, amplifying Web3's visibility in the digital sphere. Consequently, this increased exposure will attract more 'outsiders' to explore and embark on their Web3 journey, fostering mutual success for all stakeholders involved. As a result, the influx of capital, engagement, and outreach within the space will experience a surge, propelling the growth and innovation inherent to Web3.

The initiative not only aims to increase participation but also emphasises the potential benefits for individuals. Wear to Earn encourages newcomers to commence their journey with the Feline Tribe. By joining the Feline Tribe today, individuals can embark on their Web3 adventure and anticipate reaping the rewards in the near future.


EST. 2021

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