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EST. 2021

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Will there be a Whitelist?

How much will the general sale cost?

What utility will the NFTs provide?

There will be a whitelist with only 2000 whitelist spots available through community competitions. Secure your spot for a flat price of 0.01 ETH, with a limit of 2 NFTs per wallet for a fair and diverse community. Act fast, as the whitelist is open for just one day or until all spots are claimed—don't miss out on this limited opportunity to secure something great!

Join the NFT frenzy in our open-to-all Dutch Auction general sale. Starting at 0.45 ETH, with .01 ETH drop intervals every 20 minutes. Maximize your collection with a limit of 5 TFTs per wallet. Don't miss out on this dynamic and inclusive opportunity to participate in the general sale.

Embark on a groundbreaking journey with our innovative 'Wear to Earn' rewards system, an unprecedented feature exclusive to TFT holders. This unique opportunity allows you to seamlessly earn our native coin, through simply displaying your TFT NFT, integrating you into our thriving ecosystem.

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