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Tribe Talk Ep.4 - The CEO of Spacepay on what it takes to transform the crypto retail space

In this episode we chat with Maxwell Bunting the CEO of Space Pay, discussing what he is building and why it will change the crypto space forever.

Tribe Talk Ep.3 - Making Money in Crypto, Building a Community, NFT NYC + More

Welcome back! In this episode we jump into all things crypto once again, covering what it takes to make money. How to build a community and our talks at NFT NYC

Tribe Talk Ep.2 - Purpleskulleth on NFTs, Art, Crypto & The Feline Tribe

Founders Sewe and Seakay interview Purpleskulleth. Purple is a long time collector and alround NFT enthusiast. Offering his take on how best to enjoy the space as well as how he got started with investing in Crypto/NFTs

Welcome to our first-ever podcast! We wanted to kick this off by taking a detailed look at The Feline Tribe as a whole, also documenting our thoughts on the current crypto/NFTs space. As people we are both highly motivated individuals, who take our training and work extremely seriously so naturally we shared many thoughts on this. Many more of these to come so we hope you enjoy this pilot episode.

Tribe Talk Ep.1 - Introducing The Feline Tribe, NFTs, Crypto, Self-accountability + Fitness

Curated in London, Engraved on Ethereum

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